This blog is devoted to the publication of creative writing, translations and literary reviews in as many languages as possible, English being its lingua franca. Its aim is to provide a space for creation and circulation between languages and through literature.

The idea of a crossroads is crucial to us. That is why we welcome your writings, whatever their form and whatever their language, provided of course that we find someone able to read it before its publication… (If you would like to proofread and edit the texts we receive, let us know.)

That is also why we think of this blog as a space of movement and discovery. If you like one of our publications, why not share it, rewrite it in another form, or translate it in another language? All the texts open to this kind of circulation will appear in the category “Wanderlust”, you just have to email and tell us what you fancy.

You should bear in mind that some texts may not be written in the author’s native language. If you find some important mistakes, please let us know. You may use the comments to give your opinion on the publications; your comments are extremely useful to us, and will be used to build the “Selections” page. If you have any suggestions or comments about the blog itself, see the “Contact” page.

We hope you enjoy this journey and want to be a part of it!

Anne-Charlotte Husson