Two Versions of Sonnets by Giordano Bruno

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Giordano Bruno, Due sonetti
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[Amor, per cui tant’ alto il ver discerno]
from De gli eroici furori (1585)

Love, through whom highest Truth to me gives way,
Unbars the black-and-diamond gates for me;
Enters my soul through the eyes, and still to see
Is born and lives; is nursed; has endless sway.
All Heaven, Earth, Hell call theirs, He can display;
Presents the absent in like effigy;
He calls up forces, hurls unerringly,
Pierces the heart, shows inward parts to day.

Then, craven crowd, to Truth you must attend:
Bend your ears to an utterance undelusive:
Force open, now, yours eyes, and clouded mind!
You think Him boy, so little you comprehend;
For your own fickleness, he seems elusive;
Bereft of sight yourself, you call him blind.


[E chi m’ impenna, e chi mi scalda il core]
from De l’infinito universo e mondi (1584)

Who warms my heart, and rears me up for flight?
Who makes me fearless before Death and Chance?
Who breaks the chains and gates, else barred so tight
That seldom souls are freed to wander thence?
Epochs and years, months, days, and hours of day—
The Court of Time, his daughters and his arms—
Against whom iron stands not, nor diamond may—
Have given me a shield against his harms.

Wherefore I give my steady wings to Sky,
Fearing no crystal barrier or glass;
But, splitting heavens, to the Infinite I pass;
And from my globe to others rising high
Through empyrean fields, further I wind:
What others see from far, I leave behind.


  1. Click on the titles of the original poems to read them.

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